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Are you looking for effective methods for breaking a rock? Then you can take resort to rock splitting technique. Wedges and shims are utilized for attaining this objective. If you have never come across this technique before, then you would be surprised to find that wedges had been in use since the early days. If you are trying your best to split up a stone into a specific size or you may be thinking of reducing the size of a boulder, then splitting is an effective method.

Get desired results

The way a stone is to be split is dependent upon numerous factors. Some of those factors are the type of rocks, their shapes and sizes, and other prevailing conditions. For thousands and thousands of years, artisans, sculptors, and craftsmen have been making use of rocks and stones. You may use Rock Splitting Wedges to get the split as per your specification. The professionals have been taking resort to these tools to obtain the precise division. This step is crucial for those individuals who have to depend heavily on stones that have a certain size and shape for their projects. Before you make a purchasing decision, it is a wise decision to gather an understanding of the entire stone splitting process.

Action one

Use Rock Splitting Wedges for splitting rocks, granite, and hard stones.You should use chalk for making markings on the surface of the rock. The line should be drawn across the surface at the points where you want the splitting to take place.

Action two

Always use a pair of safety goggles during the entire operation because you will not want to get hurt from flying rock pieces. You should also put on gloves to ensure the protection of your hands.

Action three

Use a masonry drill for drilling consecutive holes on the rock. The holes should have the appropriate depth and should also maintain an equal distance from one another.

Action four

Now you should place the wedge within the drilled hole. The flat sides should be positioned in such a way so that they face the side of the rock, which you need to split.

Action five

You should strike sharply at the head of the wedge. Go on hitting till the wedge is inserted at least an inch deeper within the stone.

Action six

You should continue with this process till all the drills have been filled with wedges. Just like the first one, all the wedges should be driven an inch deep.

Action seven

Once you are done with the filling of all the wedges, you should come back to the first wedge. Strike the head once more. Repeat the procedure for the remaining of the wedges.

Action eight

Start all over again from the first wedge. Always aim for a single strike so that the split is even. Go on striking till the stone splits up in two halves.

Study diligently

You should research diligently on the net to find out information about companies who have specialization in rock drilling tools.

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