Tapered chisel bits

Bit diameter: 28mm
Carbide size: 10*7
Taper degree: 7°11°12°
weight: 0.18kg

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The taper chisel bits are made from grade hard alloy and special carbide, and generally matched with the light-duty rock drill, to drilling the rock hole within diameter of 50mm. It is used widely used for mining, tunneling and quarrying.


Bit diameter Carbide size Taper degree weight
28mm 10*7 7°11°12° 0.18kg
30mm 13.5*8 7°11°12° 0.22kg
32mm 13.5*8 7°11°12° 0.24kg
34mm 13.5*8 7°11°12° 0.27kg
36mm 13.5*8 7°11°12° 0.30kg
38mm 13.5*8 7°11°12° 0.33kg
40mm 15*9.8 7°11°12° 0.38kg
42mm 13.5*9.2 7°11°12° 0.41kg
42mm 13.5*9.8 7°11°12° 0.41kg


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