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Are you aware of the hazards associated with dynamite usage for the splitting of rocks? At the construction sites, one of the methods which are predominantly used for breaking the stones is blasting. Though the costs involved in this method is quite low, but there are quite a few adverse effects of blasting. There is a high level of vibration, and the chances of flying rock pieces are pretty high too. Toxic fume production is also not uncommon.

Some tips

From the perspective of safety, working with dynamites for breaking concrete or splitting rocks is not always feasible. Use Rock Splitting Tools for splitting stones with ease. These tools are simple to use and have gained a lot of popularity in recent times in the stone industry. If the right technique is used, then a vast majority of the stones will split with precision. It is a prudent idea to develop an understanding of the operation of these tools before you consider investing in any of these tools.

Utilization of the right technique

Ideally, along the split line, you should begin drilling holes. The holes should be deep, and they should have a distance of six inches from each other. If the rock appears to be tough, then the splitting would be difficult too. Under such circumstances, you should drill more deep holes, and they should also be close to each other. Ensure clean splitting with the aid of Rock Splitting Tools.

Follow the guidelines

While using the splitting tools, make sure that the sides face towards the direction of the split. Make sure that the tools fit appropriately in the holes. You can make use of a straight or curved split line. You should follow the guidelines provided while inserting the wedges within the gaps. Do not exert too much pressure while striking. The process of striking should be done in such a way so that the application of force is firm yet effective. Striking should be done continuously. Once you are done with the line, wait for a couple of minutes and then start the sequence. Continue to repeat the procedure till the stone splits finally.

Rock types

Having some knowledge about the various types of rocks will help you in proper planning of the job. The following types of rocks are generally available.

Soft rocks

Silt, clay, mud, crystal line rock falls in this category. These rocks are soft, and they are usually the ones who have fossils.

Hard rocks

These rocks were metamorphic or igneous rocks. Some of the examples are granite, basalt, slate, and gabbro.

Choose intelligently

You should make use of suitable tools for splitting rocks. The best solution is to get hold of a company that is known for its expertise in supplying appropriate splitting tools. The secret to a successful find is well-done research. You should check out the website of the company to know in detail about the various kinds of products they offer. Do not forget to examine the testimonials of the past customers posted on the site.

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