Down The Hole Drilling bit

Bit size: 3.5”/3” DTH hammer bits
Shank type: COP34, DHD3.5, MISSION30, BR3 shank
Recommended DTH bits diameter: 90mm~ 105mm

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In DTH drilling, the rock drilling bit is a continuation of the shank, which the rock drill piston strikes directly. Since the piston is in direct contact with the drill bit, little energy is lost. This gives DTH drilling a nearly constant penetration rate regardless of hole length.

DTH drill bits are divided into high pressure, low pressure two series. It is made by high quality raw material with advanced produce technology. DTH drill bit is widely used in earthwork engneering, mining, water well drilliing, construction.

Bit size Shank type Recommended DTH bits diameter
3.5”/3” DTH hammer bits COP34, DHD3.5, MISSION30, BR3 shank 90mm~ 105mm
4” DTH hammer bits DHD340, QL40, MISSION40, SD4 shank 110mm~ 130mm
5” DTH hammer bits DHD350, QL50, MISSION50, SD5 shank 134mm~ 152mm
6” DTH hammer bits DHD360, QL60, MISSION60, SD6 shank 152mm~ 203mm
8” DTH hammer bits DHD380, QL80, MISSION80, SD8 shank 203mm~ 305mm
12” DTH hammer bits DHD112, SD12 and QL120 shank. Available upon to customers’ request


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