Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Power model:
Oil pumping station reserves:
Engine Power: 0.75
Voltage: 220
Working pressure:
Flux: 4
Towable of splitter quantity: 1

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Hydraulic rock / concrete splitter is a machine which is used in mining work of construction stones, the secondary breaking of large rocks and the partial or integral removing concrete facilities. It can split the objects into many pieces in the natural cleft surface.

Hydraulic concrete splitter is constituted by three parts: hydraulic oil pressure system, oil-way system and splitting cylinder. Because the hydraulic oil pressure system is specially designed for the machine, and the connection is exclusive.

One full set of Hydraulic Rock Splitter included 1 hydraulic power pump station, plus 3 hydraulic cylinders, powered by electricity, or fixed with 7.5HP diesel or gasoline engine, of course with full set of hoses, one cylinder with one set of counter wedges and centre wedges.

As for the consumation energy, gasoine engine , diesel enginer , less 1 liter per hour , 0.75 HP single cylinder, very small cost in consuming of gasoline and diesel, 4 kw for one hour consumed for electricty, very very small cost,

Hydraulic stone & concrete splitter is one of the efficient, safest and easiest ways of mining, dimensional stone quarrying,demolition & removing mass and reinforced concrete.

Advantage and Feature:
Max.splitting force up to 500 tons,Always controllable,Easy handling, Different size counter wedge and center wedge can use on the same splitter for your special job,New aluminum cylinder lighter only 25 KGS, much lighter than the old steel cylinder.

Application: Most suitable for the following
Secondary splitting of large boulders
Enlarging work in under ground mining
Pipe jacking/micro tunneling
Demolition work at closed sapaces and places that are difficult to access.
Demolition work at extremely cramped space
Secondary splitting of concrete slabs
Underwater demolition
Sand stone
Demolition reinforced concrete
Rock demolition in trenching
Secondary splitting of rocks
Enlarging work in under ground mining underwate demolition
Demolition of walls and wall opening

Technical Specification

Hydraulic Pump pack





Power model Oil pumping
station reserves
Engine Power Voltage Working
Flux Towable of splitter
(L) (KW) (V) (MPA) (L/M) (PC)
0.75 220 4 1
1.5 380 4 1
Electric motor 30 4 380 60 14 1-6
7.5 380 14 1-10
Diesel motor 50 5.1 60 14 1-6

Hydraulic rock splitter Models:


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