Soundless Expansive mortar

Description: Expansive mortar is a chemical that cracks rocks and concrete.

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Expansive mortar is a chemical that cracks rocks and concrete. It is a concrete cutting, granite breaking and general demolition solution. This non-explosive demolition agent is easy to use, cost effective and a safer option for silently breaking up hard materials like rock or concrete. The product is environmentally friendly and is made from calcium oxide (quicklime).


• Mines,

• Quarries,

• Civil Contractors,

• Builders,

• DYI home renovators,

• Landscaping,

• Trenching,

• Civil Engineering,

• Excavation,

• Construction industries


1.Easy to use

2.Strong expansive strength

3.Safer and little noise

4.An alternative to explosive products

5.No licenses required


7.Long shelf life


According to the different temperatures, such as mining stone, destroy reinforced concrete, the produce is divided into three types. Be cautious while choosing correct type of expansive mortar, as they should be used appropriately.

Types: Range of temperatures

Rock (reinforced concrete)-I 25℃ -40℃

Rock (reinforced concrete)-II 10℃ -25℃

Rock (reinforced concrete)-III 0℃ -15℃

5kgs/ bag,4bags/strong export carton,50cartons/pallet.

26TONS/20GP Container


Asia: India, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

Africa: Southern Africa, West Africa, etc.

Middle East: Saudi Arab, Iran, Egypt, etc.

EU: Norway, UK, etc.

American: USA, Canada, Brazil, etc..


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