DTH Hammers

Specification: Middle air pressure BR & COP type
External Diameter (mm): 70~110
Connection thread:
Hole rang (mm): 85~115

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We manufacture DTH Hammers in different sizes ranging from 3 to 12. These hammers are made corresponding to Drilling Bits to carry out prevalent objectives. These hammers are used in various down the hole operations like bench Drilling. These are valve less hammers with optimized air cycle frequency. These are heavy duty hammers that well at greater depths demanding less air usage, delivering minimum performance loss. We offer IR hammer, DHD3.5, DHD340a, DHD360, DHD380,COP and QL hammer.The optimum range of hole size for blast drilling with DTH is 90mm to 254mm,smaller blast holes are generally drilled using top hammer, and larger holes generally use rotary machines. Our hammer like COP and QL are known fort heir reliability and longevity.

Specification External Diameter (mm) Connection thread Hole rang (mm)
Middle air pressure BR & COP type 70~110 85~115
3 inch DTH hammer

DHD3.5, COP34, COP32, QL30, M30, IR3.5
81 API 2 3/8” Reg 90~110
4 inch DTH hammer

DHD340, COP44, M40, SD4, QL40
99 API 2 3/8” Reg 110~150
5 inch DTH hammer

DHD350, COP54, M50, SD5, QL50
125 API 2 3/8” Reg

or API 3 1/2” Reg
6 inch DTH hammer

DHD360, M60, SD6, QL60, COP64
142 API 3 1/2” Reg 152~216
8 inch DTH hammer

DHD380, COP84, M80, SD8, QL80
180 API 4 1/2” Reg 203~305
10, 12inch DTH Hammer

SD10, DHD1120, NUMA 100, NUMA 125
275 API 6 5/8 Reg 305-445
15 inch DTH Hammer

DHD1150, SD15, NUMA125
330 350-660


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